Deck Painting Service in Chicago

Decks are a great way to expand your living space into the outdoors, but because of their location, they are the most vulnerable component of your home to the elements like water, sunlight and heat. Decks also require a certain amount of care and maintenance in order to avoid wood rot, peeling and splintering.  Routine maintenance will keep your deck looking great, but not every homeowner has the time or expertise required to take care of their decks. Accurate Painters provides deck maintenance services like pressure-washing, sanding, sealing, staining and painting. We have experience with a wide variety of traditional exterior grade woods including pine, treated lumber, oak, and cedar, as well as exotic woods like Teak and Ipe. If you are looking for reliable routine upkeep, we offer deck maintenance arrangements that can eliminate the worry of having to perform the regular sanding and sealing required to protect your deck and keep it looking good.